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Meet the Artist behind

Zambian born Sylvia "Mwazanji" Mwanza Hansen moved to Aarhus 8210 Denmark,  at the age of 14. This multicultural environment became my new home. For me, this was an environment where humour, food, music, and arts went hand in hand and became the language among the multiple nationalities and cultures. I learned to embrace the best of both worlds as in being African and Danish.

Despite the latter, growing up did become confusing as the cultural clash messed up my self-perception of who am I? A simple question that would irritate me was: 
Question: Where do you come from? I come from Zambia. No, I mean here in Denmark. Or, where do you come from? I come from Denmark. No, I mean originally? From Zambia. So to avoid this, when asked today, I say from my parents.

Overall for me, home is where the heart is and having an open mindset, especially when it comes to cultures. This amazing multicultural environment and people I have come across has contributed to my identity and self-development.

I find it essential for continuous growth, but for some reason, we tend to enter a comfort zone that studs our self-development until drastic changes hit us in life. I could be health issues or other social issues. It is often at this point we stop to reflect. In my case it was more, "Is this the life I will look back at when I am seating in a home? 


This has been the source of inspiration for the theme of my current Art collection "UNVEILING HIDDEN IDs 2.0 EXHIBIT". We all have identities formed in the first part of our lives where we learn. Version 2.0 is where we get to put practice what we've learnt to become a better version of ourselves.


Our goals and values in life become more evident. As I often say, "Take the best from the past. Learn from the worst. Forgive & erase the rest." Over the past few years, among other things, part of my self development has focused on painting. To this, I present you with UNVEILING HIDDEN IDs 2.0 collection.


Identity quotes

“Take the best from the past. Learn from the worst. Forgive & erase the rest.”

S.M. Hansen

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